By ZangiefB

The Seer is an enemy that appears in the Womb and Utero. Its appearance closely resembles the Peeper item, but bloodshot and with red eyelids. Its eye looks at Isaac. It drips with blood from the tip of the optical nerve.

Tboi idea seer


  • Womb
  • Utero


  • Slowly floats toward Isaac
  • Blinks and fires a salvo of 3 red projectiles with a .5 second delay

Related Enemies

  • Eye


The Seer will attack by slowly chasing Isaac the same way a Maw does. It will frequently stop to blink, charging and then firing a salvo of 3 red projectiles. The duration of the charge is about half a second. Like Maws, it can fly over obstacles.

Hell's WatchEdit

Another version of the Seer can be seen in Sheol (or in the Womb as a champion). It becomes greyscaled, loses its optical nerve, and no longer drips with blood. It acts similarly to its weaker counterpart, but when it shoots, it fires a red beam instead of a salvo. It also uses this attack faster than usual. Unlike its Womb counterpart, however, this attack does not branch out.

Hell's Watch
Tboi idea hells watch


  • Womb (as a champion)
  • Utero (as a champion)
  • Sheol


  • Slowly floats toward Isaac
  • Blinks and fires a red beam with a .5 second delay

Related Enemies

  • Eye

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