Rooms with the core game
Rooms Basement 1 Basement 2 Basement XL Note
Regular Rooms 7 - 11 13 - 14 - The player must have Wrath of the Lamb installed for The Basement XL to appear. TREASURE! TREASURE! TTTRRREEEAAASSSUUURRREEE! 5 1 4 Can be unlocked with Night's Slamerd. Abandoned Shop 5 1 4 A Survivor (A Granny with googlie eyes) works in whats left of the shop in case its destroyed. Curds Whey Room 4 6 1 Enemies like Flies inhabit this room. Hearts 2 1 5 The room where Mum's Soul inhabits. Slammer 8 3 8 Haunted Corpses and Guard Souls inhabit this room. Seafront 5 1 4 Dead Lifeguards and Flies guard this area's enterance.

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