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Passive ItemsEdit






Isaac leaves creep on the floor where he walks that lasts for a short duration, damaging any enemies that walk over it. Isaac also becomes immune to the effects of enemy creep.

Found in curse rooms, and deals with the devil.

Made by Zabor

Complete the Utero floor.

Isaac's tears act as a whip.

Found in treasure rooms, shops(rarely), and in locked chests.

Made by Wafflelord15

Obtain and use 3 tear effects at the same time.(Cannot be unlocked from 3 dollar bill)

Range power ups increase length of the whip.

Acts as a boomerang, but tears can be broken off.

The tear at end of whip is slightly bigger.

Brimstone and Technology 1 cancel out Chained's effect.

File:No tears lost.png

When picked up you get everything x2 (heart containers, health, soul hearts, eternal hearts (gives you 1 heart container), bombs, keys, coins, also doubles every stat you have (including luck, stats can't be exceeded the maximum limit)).

ONLY found in I AM ERROR rooms occasionally.

By Thafrayer and Taruza

Unlocked by visiting/teleporting to an I AM ERROR room.

I AM ERROR (Mask only)
Lil' Spy


Teleports around the room like angel fetuses and shoots normal tears.

Found in Secret Rooms.

"Watch out"

By Soviet_scout

Unlocked by visting 5 top secret rooms in multiple playthroughs.

Developer Baby

Lil' Salomon

{C Familiar.

Shoots charged tears in a short range.

{C By Cubbsy

Unlocked after beating Isaac with Tobias.

Can be founded from Item Rooms.

A fish follows Player.

Heavy Wings Allows user to fly, but if you hover over rocks or pits to long (5 seconds) you will fall and take 1 heart of damage. You will be taken to the closest land area upon falling.

By Lazerguy555 Not an unlockable.

Can be found in golden chests (commonly)

Looks like Angel Wings, except instead of feathers it is made of rocks.

Little Miss Muffet

{C All the various spider-type enemies no longer harm you, shoot, or split.

{C Found in Arcades.

{C By Anonymous

{C Not an Unlockable.

{C Alternative reward for Shell game in Arcade, instead of Skatole.

Isaac wears an empty bowl of oatmeal on his head like a hat.

Sphere of Gauze

{C This item can stack and has different effects based on how many spheres have been collected, like a Cube of Meat.

{C Level 1: Swinging damager, like Guppy's hair ball.

Level 2: Drops half spirit hearts every 4 rooms. Can still damage.

Level 3: Chases enemies like Meat Boy, but is faster and has a better range.

Level 4: Her damage is increased, and she can fly over rocks, pits, and other obstacles.

Dropped by Super Horsemen.

By Anonymous

Unlocked by deafting a Super Horseman.

Stacks, like Cube of Meat. Having the Super Bandage greatly increases the chance of a Super Horsman replacing a regular one.

Using the Prayer Card increases the chance of running into a Super Horseman.

Level 1: A bouncing sphere.

Level 2: Now with a face!

Level 3: She is now humanoid.

Level 4: Bigger and with a bandage.

Isaac's Law

Isaac's Tears change to a Peachy color, and increase in Size. Range is reduced by 1. Tear Knockback is tripled.

Found in Item Room.

By NateDude

Unlocked by killing 10,000 enemies.

Isaac has an apple on his head.

Holy Split

{C}"How did you do that?"

Every coin, bomb and key is now "+1". Like you get one key, but it's worth two keys.

{C By Cubbsy

Not an unlockable.

Found from Angel Rooms

There is a crack in players head.


{C Isaac's shots are similar looking to Crossbow Bolts. Unlimited range, Tears Down (1). Good in synergy with My Reflection.

{C Found in the Self Sacrifice Room.

By Blanzer

{C Unlocked by defeating Satan seven times, and Blue Baby 6 times.

Star of DavidEdit

Star of Davidyuioyui

Every one heart attack gets a 50% chance to be only half a heart, similar to the Wafer. Isaac also has a small chance to activated a shield after hit, like Celtic Cross.

{C Found in Item Room.

By Kasimez

Unlocked by beating Isaac with David.

Star of David Visualr5r

The CureEdit

File:The Cure.png

Injection that gives ALL stats up. That includes speed, health, damage, tears, range, shot speed, size, and luck. Also gives three spirit hearts on pickup. An incredibly rare item.

{C Found in Item Room and Shop.

By Unknown

{C Unlocked by collecting four injections in one playthrough.

The Cure Visual

The Shop ContractEdit

{C File:The Shop Contract.png

{C Causes normal enemies to drop 1 or 2 pennies when killed.

{C Found in secret rooms or by Greed/Super Greed, though Super Greed is more likely to drop it.

By Tophat Devin

{C Unlocked by having 99 cents in one playthrough WITHOUT the use of a dollar bill.

File:Super Greed Isaac Smaller.png

Theorist's Pebble


Curse of Midas


(Alternative to The Shop Contract)

Touching enemies causes them to freeze into place and get a 'golden' hue for a short duration. When the enemy is frozen in this manner, it's health become fully replenished. If killed during this state, the enemy will break and shatter - yielding up to five coins.

Found in item rooms.


(Derived from Tophat Devin)

Unlocked by default.



When a tear hits an enemy, wall, rock, or any other obstacle, it explodes, dealing a good splash effect. Works great for crowd control.

{C Found in Item Room.

By MiniPassword

{C Unlocked by having 80 bombs or more in one game without the use of Pyro.

Grenades Visual XD

Slice of Bread


Every red heart may give a another half of heart.

Found in Item Rooms and Angel Rooms, mostly from Angel Rooms.

By Cubbsy

Unlocked by beating Satan with Matthew.

Player has bread crumbs on his face.

Baby Envy

Baby Envy


{C Chases enemies like dead bird. After a few seconds, it splits into two which are slightly faster but do less damage. After another few seconds, the two split again into four. They are even faster but also even weaker. Resets to one when you leave the room. It splits like Envy itself.

{C Found in Devil Room (1 heart).

By FlashMasterXD

{C Unlocked by defeating Envy 100 times.

Familiar. Looks like Envy.

Baby Pride

{C Familiar.

{C Does not follow you. Moves around randomly. Can shoot diagonally in four direction like Pride can. Also occasionly summons a troll bomb underneath him, like Pride itself.

{C By MiniPassword

{C Unlocked by deating Pride 100 times.

Familiar. Looks like Pride.

Baby Lust

{C Familiar.

{C Chases enemies like a level 3 meat boy; however, she is more than twice as fast, like Lust itself.

{C Found in Devil Room (1 heart).

{C By MiniPassword

{C Unlocked by defeating Lust 100 times.

Familiar. Looks like Lust.

Baby Gluttony

{C Familiar.

{C Shoots a Brimstone or Shoop-Da-Woop like laser every 5 of your shots, like Gluttony itself.

{C Found in Devil Room (1 heart).

{C By MiniPassword

{C Unlocked by defeating by Gluttony 100 times.

Familiar. Looks like Gluttony.

Baby Sloth

{C Familiar.

{C Shoots a Ipecac like shot every 5 of your shots, like Sloth itself.

{C Found in Devil Room (1 heart).

{C By MiniPassword

{C Unlocked by defeating Sloth 100 times.

Familiar. Looks like Sloth.

Baby Wrath

{C Familiar.

{C Shoots bombs every 5 of your shots, like Wrath itself.

{C Found in Devil Room (1 heart).

{C By MiniPassword

{C Unlocked by defeating Wrath 100 times.

Familiar. Looks like Wrath.

Baby Greed

{C Familiar.

{C Shoots in a triple shot. Generates 1 to 3 coins every 2 to 4 rooms. Money-based, like Greed itself.

{C Found in Devil Room (1 heart).

{C By MiniPassword

{C Unlocked by defeating Greed 100 times.

Familiar. Looks like Greed.

4 Leaf Clover

{C Gives you maximum luck and adds a heart container.

{C Found in Item Rooms.

By FlashMasterXD

{C Unlocked by getting 100 luck up pills total.

Isaac has a 4 leaf clover in his "hair".

Poop Shoes

{C Isaac leaves a small trail of creep when he walks. The creep does not damage him, but instead damages enemies.

{C Found after deating Poop.

By MiniPassword

{C Unlocked by defeating an alternate version of Peep: Poop.

Ice cube

There is a slight chance to either freeze enemies or slow them down. When an enemy is killed by an ice cube shot, it explodes in an area-of-effect damage radius.

{C Found in Item Room.

By Unknown

{C Unlocked by collecting freezing or slowing items (GIsh, Mom's Contacts, etc.) 100 times total.


Blinding shots.

A small chance of enemy to become blind upon hit.

Found in item rooms.

By Cubbsy

Unlocked by beating Isaac with Matthew

Isaac wears a Blooper kind of octopus on his head.

Someone could make a pic. It would be nice :3

Holy Friend Holy Baby ingamesmaller


Shoots piercing tears.

Found in Item Room or Pet Store.

By FlashMasterXD

Unlocked by beating Satan with Sava

Pebble of Snow


The Pebble of Ice would act as a reverse Lump of Coal; the less a shot travels, the more damage it does.

Found after defeating Prakmus.

By LucasK

Unlocked by defeating Prakmus.


A Goat

+1 Damage. Devil Rooms now appear in every Room, but Angel Rooms never appear anymore. A real devil room replaces the trap door in Womb/Utero 2. Every trade becomes only 1 heart, similar to Judas's tounge. However, there is a 20% for a heart to fizzle and dissapear, and full hearts stop appearing.

{C Found in Devil Room (1 heart).

By Ribo Zurai

{C Unlocked by trading all your hearts in a Deal with the Devil and winning the game with just spirit hearts. Does not work if you are Blue Baby.

Tooth Brush

File:Toothbrush Item.jpg

{C Similar to Tough Love, there is a chance to shoot teeth instead of tears. However, these teeth appear signifigantly more often, but are weaker.

{C Found in Item Room.

{C By Josh20027

{C Not an Unlockable.

Toothbrush Visual

God Speed


{C Completely maxes out speed. Can run over single gaps, similar to The Ladder, as well as rocks. Will stack with The Ladder and let you cross over 2 gaps.

{C Found in Item Rooms and Shops.

By Pittoo

{C Unlocked by beating Issac with max speed.

Isaac shoes


Increases damage, speed, and range by 2.

'Found in devil room (1 heart) 'in item room and curse rooms.

By Unknown

Unlocked by getting every devil item

Isaac Ninja

Jesus Soda

(Pic of a soda bottle)

Increases Damage and speed by 2

Found in Item rooms

By Cubbsy

Unlocked by beating Satan with Thomas.

Players Face is on Purple Goo.

Super Cookie

Untitled 4

{C {C {C}All stats up.

Found in Item Rooms.

By LucasK

Obtained by Getting 5 Food-Related Items in a playthrough.

{C Isaac Choco2



Hovers around you like a pretty fly/cube of meat. But once it is hit, it starts violently attacking the target that hit it.

Found in Item Room, and very, very rarely replacing a cube of meat after fighting a horseman.

By Blueplastic

Unlocked by having 3 orbiters around you in a game.


Found in devil rooms for 1 hearts and 3 spirit hearts. The graphic is a skull with a ? Carved into its forehead. Gives a random devil room item, so this is a gamble to take as it can be worth more or less than the effect you gain.

By TheRandomMan {C Unlocked by beating The Sinner

Isaac Questionmark

{C Isaac gains a bloody ? on his forehead, and the random items graphical effect.

Risk Reward

All stats are increased by 1, luck is increased by 3. All enemies will do an extra half heart of damage. Nullifies the Wafer.

By Apocalypstic {C Slot machines rarely drop the item when they self-destruct. {C Can be found in item rooms.

Isaac gets a tatoo of a die over his heart.



"NBA Pro!"

When the item is picked up, speed is increased by 2 and tears increased by 1.

Found in Item Room and Secret Room.

By Josh20027

{C Rare in item rooms

Isaac gains a headband and a wristband

Heart-attack {C Heatattack item

Isaac's heart gets ripped out and follows him. Now only the heart can get damaged.

Occasionally dropped by Mask of Infamy

Added to Rebirth as "Isaac's Heart"!


Combustible Lemons Combustible lemon boi

Turns all bombs (including enemy bombs and Fetus-in-a-jar bombs) into lemons which explode and leave a small, yellow, damaging puddle.

-By RenzokukenL

Lucky Penny

Gives 5 cents and increases luck by 3.

By Apocalypstic

Found rarely in golden chests.

Unlocked by collecting 1,000 pennies.

A dull, old-fashioned penny.


A husk familiar that spawns a friendly blue fly every time you kill someone.

By Blueplastic Dropped by the Husk or it can be found in secret rooms

The Clock

(needs picture, would look like an ordinary pocket watch)

If Issac is hit then enemies and bullets are slown down, once per room. (similar to hourglass)

If you have an item that gives temporary invinicbility (book of shadows, chariot card, etc.) it will be automaticly be used and you will suffer no damage (Doesn't work on sacrific rooms/doors and blood banks)

{C Celtic Cross can be used in conjuction with this to give a 30% to avoid damage completely

By KingMako

Unlocked by defeating FatherTime

{C Commonly Dropped by FatherTime

There are clock hands where Isaac's nose should be

Zombism Zombiism item

Upon death (with no extra lives) You will revice a full revival with added effects: Speed is reduced to 1 and cannot be increased, +3 heart containers

Upon another death after the transformation, you will be revived again with 2 less heart containers, if you have 2 or less heart containers you will simply die

Works before Ankh

By KingMako

Unlocked by reviving 13 times total across all playthroughs

Zombiism stage2


(Picture would look like a golden bar)

All poop on any floor is transformed into golden poop for the current playthrough

Tears have "reverse homing" (causes enemies to be attracted to the shot tears)

By KingMako Unlocked by shooting 30 golden poop across all playthroughs

Rarely found in the devil room for 1 heart/3 spirit hearts

Issac's eyes are shiny and appear to glow golden light

Tears are golden

The BackPack

{C Increases the maximum for coins, bombs, and keys to be 150 each

Randomly drops a coin, bomb, or key every 4 rooms

5% to drop an item every 13 rooms

By KingMako

{C Unlocked by using the 2 of diamonds while having 99 cents, using the 2 of clubs while having 99 bombs, and using the 2 of spades while having 99 keys (can be across different runs)

Isaac is wearing a backpack


Upon collision with a wall or rock, a small puddle of green creep is created that damages enemies that walk over it.

{C Found in Item room, but more commonly, Laboratory.

By Keygenocide

Isaac's eyes squint and his mouth is surrounded by a translucent green fluid (similar to Wiggle Worm and Jesus Juice, respectively).


+2 tears; however, his tears now scatter randomly. They no longer go in a straight line. Instead, they spray around like a shotgun. Found in Item Rooms and Shops.


IS MY SHIELD Isaac's head spins around Isaac, protecting him from weak enemies and projectiles.

By FiremariomkiZX

Isaac's face is replaced by a shield.


WAAAGH! {C Tears up, and shots randomly scatter. {C If taken with Doctor Fetus, you may shoot more than one bomb, but... remember, if they bounce back at you... {C Is overridden by Brimstone, Epic Fetus and Technology.

By FiremariomkiZX

Isaac's skin is green and has a maniacle grin

Broken Prayer Card

Tears Up, Damage Up, adds 1 Soul Heart. Clearing a room may have a 8% chance of giving you one empty heart container. Now, you cannot receive ANY straight HP ups, but instead can only get them from this item. Found in Devil Room (1 heart).

By FiremariomkiZX

Unlocked by killing Mom and Mom's Heart, with the Child's Heart.

The Zombie Infection

Isaacs head turns into that of a Knights. Any projectiles that hit his front will do no damage. Melee attacks hurt as usual.

Found in Secret Rooms.

Unlocked by defeating 1000 Knights.

Fireproof Armor

Issac is now immune to his own bombs, missles, Ipecac shots, and the like. Also gives +5 bombs among pick up.

By MiniPassword

Unlocked by defeating Satan with Adam

Domino Mask

Isaac is no longer attacked by Spike Traps or Depth/Necropolis Turrets, though the former can still hurt him if he bumps into them. Also immune to spikes

By Aeshi

Can be found in Treasure rooms or dropped by a Boss

Isaac is wearing a Domino Mask

Imp Friend

Demon Bum

Works similar to a Bum Friend, but picks up Red Hearts instead (full hearts will be considered two half hearts for purposes of payment). Can pay out with items rarely, though at a signifigantly slower rate than

By Aeshi

Can be found in Devil Rooms

Added to Rebirth as "Dark Bum"!

A Demon Beggar follows Isaac around.


Increases Speed by one.

By yzexeg Found in golden chests


Talon of the Sun

Replaces the tears with a powerful melee, slashing attack.

Synergizes well with The Blight.

By FiremariomkiZX

Unlocked by beating Isaac as Abbadon.

Isaac's hand is replaced by a claw.

The Blight

Gives a chance to create Locusts when defeating enemies. Locusts are Blue Flies, but they are much stronger. However, they are limited to the ground.

Found in Item Room.

By FiremariomkiZX

Not unlockable.

Abbadon starts with this.

Isaac's skin is greenish-blue.

Soul Eater

Like Charm of the Vampire but grants Soul Hearts.

The counter is longer than that of Charm of the Vampire. It grants half a spirit heart every 10 kills. brains. Spiders and flies do not increment it.

Found in Item Room or Shop.

By Anonymous

Not an Unlockable.

Isaac gets a ghostly and evil face, as if he lost his own soul.

My Little LadyEdit

MyLittleLady Smaller


She randomly floats in the room and tends to avoid the player. When near to the foes she has a chance to temporarily lure them (doesn't work with bosses).

The enemy will pop little hearts above the head while lured.

Can occasionally shoots petrifying tears.

When collected the text in bottom says "Pretty cute, isn't she?".

{C Found in Devil Room (2 hearts)

By Colddyshadow

Unlocked by beating Isaac with Samael.

Trivia: It is based on Succubus, female demons which are associated to Lust.

Familiar: Randomly floats in the room.

My Little DemonEdit



He randomly floats in the room and if he touches an enemy it is put on sleep (doesn't work with bosses).

A sleeping foe will have popings "Zzz" above the head and won't move until receive a hit or be touched.

Found in Devil Room (2 hearts)

By Colddyshadow

Unlocked by beating Isaac with Lilith.

Trivia: It is based on Inccubus, male demons which copulate with sleeping women.

Familiar: Randomly floats in the room.

Melting BloodEdit

Melting Blood

This item turns the player's blood corrosive and melts the flesh.

Sets the player's tears to their maximum rate of fire and minimum range. The tears turn into blood and has a chance to cause corrosion on enemies. Corrosion acts exactly as Poison, however the corroded enemy glows red instead of green (also corrosion can be stacked with poison).

It's leave a trail of blood where you walk.

Found in Item Room.

By colddyshadow

Unlocked by beating Isaac with Zalgo.

Isaac MeltingBlood

Call of CthulhuEdit

Call of Cthulhu

Turns player into Cthulhu when has one or less heart. In Cthulhu form the damage and speed are maximized and the tears turn into a beam of water that is charged the same way as Brimstone. Also the player can fly over obstacles.

The effect lasts as long as the player has one or less heart or leave the room if gets more hearts. Characters who do not have normal hearts gain this effect permanently.

Found in Devil Room (3 Hearts).

By colddyshadow

Unlocked by beating Satan with Zalgo.

Isaac Cthulhu

Shroud of TurinEdit

Shroud of turin

Apon picking this item up Isaac is given one heart container. If Isaac has full health upon picking up a red heart it will turn into a spirit heart or eternal heart.

Found in Item room and Agel Room.

By Brimknife

If the player has

spirit hearts they are untouched.

Not an Unlockable

Shroudder boy
Temptation's SerpentEdit

Temptations Serpent

Sets player tears to their minimum rate of fire. The player shoots from mouth a poisonous drop and the shot leaves behind a temporary trail of poison that damages the foes.

Found in Item Room or Devil Room (2 hearts).

By Colddyshadow

Unlocked by beating Satan with Lilith.

Isaac Temptations Serpent

A BoneEdit

A Bone

Maximizes damage and turns tears into spinning bones. The bones can break rocks and possibles secret doors. Also knockback enemies farthest.

Found in Item Room.

By colddyshadow

Unlocked by being resurrected enough times with ???.

No visual change.
Skull HelmetEdit


Add 1 Heart Container and if the player doesn't move or shoot it can't receive damage (except from explosions). As long as the player doesn't move or shoot it will be crouching, like the host himself.

Found in Item Room

By colddyshadow

Effect by spikebot

Unlocked by beating Satan with Remains.

Isaac SkullHelmet
Adventure BackpackEdit


Provides up to 3 slots (counting with the existing one) of Q's Items like Cards and Pills. The usage's order is defined by pickup's order.

Found in Item Room.

By colddyshadow

Unlocked by having more than 30 of Coins, Bombs and Keys in one playthrough.

Adventure Backpack

File:Jake item.png

Familiar. While there are enemies in the room Jake will try to stop projectiles going to player's direction. If there are no foes Jake will collect pickups for the player (won't collect Cards or Pills if there is already one with the player) and can jump over obstacles to do so.

Jake can also turns into a bridge over holes.

Found in Item Room.

By colddyshadow

Unlocked by beating Satan with Finn.



Bless of Lady IrisEdit


When collected adds one heart container and changes tear's color to rainbow. Enemies drop random pickups (Half-Hearts, Soul Hearts, Cards and etc.) when killed (Champions drop three pickups).

Found in Item Room.

By colddyshadow

Unlocked by beating Iaac with Finn.

Lady Iris Bless
Jeweled WingsEdit

Found in the Devil's Room (3 Hearts).

In every room, for 10 - 15 seconds, 2 homing shots will be fired at a random target in the room for an interval of 2 or 3 seconds, limiting shots to a minimum of 3 and a maximum of 7.

Allows flight.

Decreases range by 2.

By Xemiru

Unlocked by beating Isaac and Satan using any character with wings, at least 5 times.

Item is in relation to Touhou's "Flandre Scarlet."

A pair of wings appears for Isaac, but instead of the normal feather material, it's made with black obsidian-like sticks and 10 colored crystals, only using the colors Red, Green, Purple, Dark Purple and Pink.

Blessing of the Apocalypse (v2)Edit

Found as a rare drop from Horsemen.

Each time a Locust dies, a bar of Item charge is restored. Note that Locusts are hardier than flies.

By FiremariomkiZX

Unlocked by '''''defeating Satan as Abbadon.

Interestingly, Abbadon starts with this item.

A trail of hellfire follows Isaac.

Dad's Cigarette Edit

causes tears to become red and fire comes of them they do burn damage that slows enemys and does damage.when picked up isac loses 1 heart(cause smokings bad)

found in devil rooms for 2 to 3 hearts

"By tracotaper"

"Not an Unlockable."



&nbsp isaac eyes tinge red,his teeth tint yellow and smoke is coming out of his mouth

Jar of MayoEdit


shoots mayo tears that slow enemys and causes a speed down but a range up

By tracotaper

Unlocked after killing kaos for the 1st time

Can be founded from Item Rooms.

isac has mayo on his face


Coward's ScarfEdit
When getting hit, it increases Range (And speed by 1.Idea by spikebot)

'By' SpurdoSoup

One of Jacob's starting items.


Isaac gets a red scarf


Archer's MarkEdit
10% chance of firing a piercing tear.

'By Spurdo'Soup

Unlocked by completing The Womb with Jacob


Isaac gets a bow w/arrow on his head

Gish GooEdit


Isaac leaves behind a black slowing trail that slows enemies and gains black slowing shots. (Similar to those of "Little Gish").

Found in the Secret Room.

By SuperPlayer15

Unlocked by defeating Gish 25 times.

Added to Rebirth as "Ball of Tar"!

Isaac takes on the appearance of Gish


C.H.A.D.'s LoveEdit


Isaac gains random pink shots that if they land the killing blow to a normal enemy, the enemy will drop a half heart.

Found in the Secret Room

By SuperPlayer15

Unlocked by defeating C.H.A.D. 25 times.

Isaac has a red heart outlined in pink on his chest.


Steven's Assistance


Adds a mini Isaac that hovers close to the player and shoots blood shots at nearby enemies, after the player has lost 1/2 of their health, it goes and kills enemies similarly to Dead Bird, enemies can attack it and after taking three full hearts worth of damage, explodes into eight blood shots.

Found in the Secret Room

By SuperPlayer15

Unlocked by defeating Steven 25 times.

Familiar, follows the player.
Vampire Killer

A red-haired whip-wielding familiar appears, and strikes with his whip every 2 shots. It's a pretty short ranged attack.

Bottom text says: "Isn't this a bit familar?"

By FiremariomkiZX

Defeat Lucifer as Vlad

Said familiar follows Isaac.
Wicked Child A demon familiar follows Isaac, and shoots shots similar to Charm of the Vampire's.

By FiremariomkiZX

Beat Satan as Vlad

Said familiar follows Isaac.
Bloody Tears

Every ten rooms, a text box similar to the one created by Whore of Babylon appears, stating "The Morning Sun has vanquished the Horrible Night" and enemies become twice as easy to defeat.

By FiremariomkiZX

Beat Purgatory as Vlad.

Along with bleeding eyes, Isaac gains blonde hair.
Demon Beggar

Delete Beggar's old restrictions and add new ones:

Heart-related Items are rare. Soul Hearts and eternal hearts cannot spawn. Other Devil Beggars will give their Items for free. When Beggar receives damage, he will spawn 2-5 blue spiders.

Can be found only with the Beggar in the Devil Room or from a Devil Beggar.

~ Pamasich

Unlocked by defeating Isaac with the Beggar.

The beggar get a black skin, red eyes and two little demon horns.

Rotting Braaains

The player's tears turn reddish-green​.

When you kill an enemy, it respawns as a zombie, and will attack enemies for you in a similar way a LV 4 Meat Boy does. The zombie dies after 10 - 30 seconds.

By ZangiefB

Unlocked by killing a total of 200 Globins.

Rarely found in secret rooms.

Bug Repelant

Flies and spiders will not harm the player, and they will stay away from the player. "The Tick" trinket can be swapped for another trinket

By KingMako

Unlocked by killing 1000 bugs (flys/spiders)

Uncommonly found in the treasure room

Isaac has a green glow around him in the shape of a cloud



Whenever you drop a bomb, it shoots fire in four random directions, like Conquest's homing shots.

Also, it increases Fire Rate and Damage by 1.

By Houston691

Unlocked by killing 100 enemies with the Candle.

Rarely found by bosses.


Onion Breath

Isaac no 'longer fires 'tears. Instead, he 'releases 'a poisonous gas infront 'of him, 'in the radius of his vision.

It does damage once every second, and deals poison damage. It covers a fourth of the screen, and is effected by damage upgrades.

Made by Ninjastyle124

Unlocked by beating Mom's Heart 10 times with the Sad Onion in your item combination.

Isaac cries even more, worse than the Sad Onion, while having a green odour escape from his mouth into the air, wiggling about.

Mysterious Crystal

Lowers Fire Rate by 2 and increase damage by 2 Can have occasional piercing shots.

By Spikeof2012 Dropped by bosses.

My Lovely Sin

A familiar that acts a sin in a floor Ex:In cellar he acts same as greed, when shoot drops coin

'Found in treasure room, bloody room and devil room

By OnlineWalker

Unlocked by defeating the Sin World with Book of Sins

Leviathan's Scale

Increases Range and Tears by 2 each, but lowers Speed by 1. Tears turn blue and release four more tears with very short range upon impact.

Found in The Depths.

By Ryushusupercat

Unlocked by using The Bible on Mom.

Isaac becomes a fish-boy.

Ziz's Feather

Increases Speed and Range by 2 each, but lowers Tears by 1. Allows Isaac to fly.

Found in The Depths.

By Ryushusupercat

Unlocked by using The Bible on Mom.

Isaac grows red-orange wings and some red-orange feathers.

Angel Guppy

Fires spectral shots along with Isaac. Damage is scaled by the number of Heart Containers Isaac has. More HC's = more damage from Angel Guppy.

Found in The Basement.

By Ryushusupercat

Unlocked by defeating Undead Guppy.

Angel Guppy familiar follows Isaac.

Overdrive Implant

When obtained, you can use a spacebar item without it being at full charge. However, It will cost you a half heart for every room's worth of charge you "skipped" (For example, using the Shears at half charge would cost 1.5 hearts, but using the Book of Sin at half charge would cost 1)

Found in Item Shops

By Rossmallo

Unlocked by getting both The Battery and 9-Volt in one run.

Batteries in Isaac's arms. Using an item early will cause his arms to bleed heavily for the rest of the room.

Archangel Wings

You are able to fly and could only be attacked from front. If there's a explosion behind you, you only will be pushed away from the explosion. Attacks from above (Crack the Sky, Mom's feet, etc.) will already damage you.

Dropped by Michael

By Unknown

No unlockable

You got wings which are as big as the wings of the angel in Angel rooms.

Sacramental Bread

This is an attack item like the Brimstone. You don't have to load it up but it have to cool down for 1.5 seconds.

Dropped by Gabriel

By Unknown

No unlockable

Instead your mouth you got a little shining cross in your face. The attack looks like a light yellow Brimstone attack.

Soul Eater

You could gain a Soul heart after killing an enemy.

Dropped by Raphael

By Unknown

No unlockable

When it's activated, a light blue light shines from above for a short time (like the light shining on Isaac (boss) and ??? (boss) during the battle).

Share Bear

Your familiars benefit from each others' abilities.

Found rarely in Treasure Rooms and from Beggars. Slightly commonly found from Devil Beggars.

Made by OnyxTanuki'

Unlocked by collecting at least 4 of the following in one playthough: Brother Bobby, Demon Baby, Little Gish, Little Steve, Robo-Baby, Sister Maggy, Abel, Ghost Baby, Harlequin Baby, Rainbow Baby, Isaac's Head, ???'s Soul

Having this powerup will cause each of your familiars' shots to take on the attributes of your other familiars. Effects include:

Demon Baby - familiars' shots target the nearest enemy rather than shoot in the direction Isaac is firing

Little Gish - familiars' shots can cause Slow

Little Steve - familiars' shots home in on enemies

Robo-Baby - familiars shoot lasers instead of normal tears

Ghost Baby - familiars shoot spectral tears

Harlequin Baby - familiars shoot two tears in a V rather than a single tear

Having Demon Baby and Robo-Baby will cause familiars to shoot similarly to Eyes

Having Harlequin Baby and Robo-Baby will cause a split laser to shoot in a V formation'

Having Demon Baby and Harlequin Baby will cause the split shots to be aimed to the target's left and right, similar to how Fat Flies' and Keepers' shots target Isaac

Robo-Baby's effect will cancel out the effects of Ghost Baby and Little Steve

Demon Baby's auto-fire and Abel's doppleganger-style movement will be retained by those familiars, and not be shared by other familiars.

Most familiars who fire shots are affected, including: Brother Bobby, Cube of Meat (Lv 2), Demon Baby, Little Gish, Little Steve, Robo-Baby, Sister Maggy, Abel, Ghost Baby, Harlequin Baby

Item appears as a blue teddy bear with a heart on its belly. No noticable effect on Isaac's sprite.

Share Bear Sibling

Familiars share their abilities with you.

Found rarely in Treasure Rooms and from Beggars. Slightly commonly found from Devil Beggars.

Made by OnyxTanuki'

Unlocked by collecting Share Bear and at least 3 of the following in one playthough: Brother Bobby, Demon Baby, Little Gish, Little Steve, Robo-Baby, Sister Maggy, Abel, Ghost Baby, Harlequin Baby, Rainbow Baby, Isaac's Head, ???'s Soul

Having this powerup will cause your shots to take on the attributes of your other familiars. Effects include:

Demon Baby - Isaac's shots target the nearest enemy rather than shoot in the direction Isaac is firing

Little Gish - Isaac's shots can cause Slow

Little Steve - Isaac's shots home in on enemies

Robo-Baby - Isaac shoots lasers instead of normal tears

Ghost Baby - Isaac shoots spectral tears

Harlequin Baby - Isaac shoots two tears in a V rather than a single tear

Having Demon Baby and Robo-Baby will cause Isaac to shoot similarly to Eyes

Having Harlequin Baby and Robo-Baby will cause a split laser to shoot in a V formation'

Having Demon Baby and Harlequin Baby will cause the split shots to be aimed to the target's left and right, similar to how Fat Flies' and Keepers' shots target Isaac

Robo-Baby's effect will cancel out the effects of Ghost Baby and Little Steve

Having Spider's Bite and Little Gish will stack the two Slow effects, increasing the chance to cause Slow dramatically.

Item appears as a pink plush lion with a heart on its belly. Isaac's sprite gains a similar belly marking.

Broken Shears

Partially severs Isaac's head, causing it to lag behind him as he moves

Found in Devil Rooms (1 Heart or 3 Soul Hearts), Curse Rooms, and Secret Rooms, and may be dropped by Devil Beggars

Created by OnyxTanuki

Unlocked by defeated 150 Mr. Maws throughout all playthroughs.

Isaac's head will follow behind his body, partially attached. The head itself is invulnerable, while the body is still capable of taking damage. The head will have similar physics to a following familiar, lagging slightly behind Isaac's body.

Item looks similar to Pinking Shears, but broken. Isaac's head will be detached from his body, connected by a short cable similar to how Mr. Maw's head is attached. If the item is collected when Isaac normally would have no visible body (such as if he has Transcendence), then a winged body will appear instead.

Bad Burrito

When hit, Isaac drops a pile of poop and a puddle of brown creep that poisons non-flying enemies when they enter it. The creep remains for 5 seconds.

Found in Treasure Rooms and Shops. Possible drop from Beggars.

Created by OnyxTanuki

Collect The Bean, The Black Bean, and Rotten Meat in the same playthrough.

Item appears as a burrito with something rancid dripping out of it. Isaac's face turns greenish and he gets a worried expression. The text "OH CRAP!" appears onscreen upon collection.

Splish Splash

Tears that land on the ground leave a small puddle of blue creep that damage enemies that walk through it and remains for 3 seconds. Reduces Range by 2 and Tears to 1 on pickup and locks Tears at 1.

Found in Secret Rooms, Curse Rooms, and Angel Rooms.

Created by OnyxTanuki

Not an unlockable

The puddle of creep left by Splish Splash only spawns if the tear reaches the end up its range, not if the tear hits an enemy or obstacle. As such, it's ideal to keep Range low with this powerup, and it combos well with Cupid's Arrow and any ability that gives Isaac spectral and/or homing tears.

The Common Cold will allow Splish Splash's creep to cause Poison and turn it green, and Spider's Bite will allow it to cause Slow and turn it white. Mom's Contacts have no effect on Splish Splash's creep.

Splish Splash's effect is overwritten by Technology, Brimstone, and Mom's Knife.

When combined with Dr. Fetus, Epic Fetus, or Ipecac, the bombs fired will leave creep behind when they explode. However, Ipecac's shots must still land on the ground and not on an enemy or obstacle to leave creep behind.

Item appears as a rubber duck. Isaac's sprite has a rubber duck on its head.

Eye Crusties

Reduces the speed tears travel and makes them stop and hang in the air for an extra half second before the end of their duration. Increases Power by 1.

Found in Treasure Rooms.

Created by OnyxTanuki

Not an unlockable

Homing effects such as Spoon Bender or My Reflection still apply to tears that have stopped midair.

Because tears move slower, they will also have reduced range, traveling about half the distance they would at normal speed. This can be worked around by using forward momentum when shooting.

Overwritten by Brimstone, Technology, Dr. Fetus, and Epic Fetus.

Mom's Knife turns yellowish beige when used with Eye Crusties. Tear speed reduction applies, but the extra hangtime does not.

Item appears to be an eyeball lined with rheum. Isaac's sprite shows "sleep" in his eyes, and his tears turn a yellowish beige.



"What is it?"

The white question mark stays in place, the black silhouette quickly flicks through all passive items.

Gives Isaac the effect of a random passive item regardless of whether the item has been unlocked or not.

Can be found in the Item Room, Secret Room, I am Error Room and Boss Room. Also a rare find in locked chests.

By SamManSam

Does not give effect of Cube of Meat or any health up Item.

Not an Unlockable..

No visual effect apart from familiars.



"Change Places!"

Your current character changes to another random character.

Can be found in the Secret Room and I am Error Room.

By SamManSam

Your current stats go up or down depending on which character you change to, e.g. if you are playing as Isaac and change to Samson, you lose 2 heart contaniers, gain 1 soul heart, gain Bloody Lust (unless you already have it), lose The Dice (if you still have it), and lose 1 bomb.

Unlocked by first unlocking all characters.

"Change Places!" is a reference to the Insane in the Mainframe episode of Futurama.

Your current character changes to another random character.

The D-Pad

The D-Pad

"They're Diagonal!"

Allows tears to be fired diagonally (whilst standing still).

Can be found in the Item Room and I am Error Room.

By SamManSam.

Stacks with Dr Fetus, Technology & 2, Brimstone, and all familiars.

Not an Unlockable

"They're Diagonal!" is a reference to the Grant Unto him Eternal Rest episode of Father Ted.

Isaac's eyes become square.


Rubber Ball




Bounces behind Isaac at a slow speed, damaging enemies that come into contact with it.

Found in the Item Room and Shop Room.

By SamManSam

Increase chances (20%) of getting the "pet" items (Guppy items, Max's head etc).

Unlocked by first collecting all of the pet items and turning into Guppy at least once (across all playthroughs)


Video Tape


"Everyone will suffer"

Upon collection, All stats are increased. (Health goes up by 2) However, if a health up item (Lunch etc) isn't collected within 2 floors, Isaac dies.

By SamManSam

After the 2 floors have passed, the visual effect wears off.

Not an unlockable.

This item is a reference to the film The Ring, where after watching a haunted video tape, you die exactly one week later.

"Everyone will suffer" is a line from said film.

"Noise" is added to Isaac's face


The Flu

Similar effects to Number One, except range is reduced to 2 rather than 1 and has a 10% chance of poisoning the enemy.

Found rarely in the Item Room.

By ZangiefB

Unlocked by collecting a total of 50 syringe items over multiple playthroughs.

Isaac's head gets a notable green tint, and vomit drools out of his mouth.





Glass baby

A familiar that follows the player and shoots tears that are tinted white and arc like my reflection.

Appears in treasure rooms.

By [I don't currently have an account.]

Not an Unlockable.

Would be a special item.

Brother bobby, except with skin colored after "my reflection" and a crack on his face. (I try to add a picture later.)

Mario's Cap increases speed and health by 2. Unlocked by getting two or more mushrooms in one play through (1-up does NOT count as a weird mushroom)

Fire Flower Changes tears to fireballs. Increases damage by two and cause tears to bounce. Tears will turn hoppers into F. hoppers and have a harder time destorying fire. Unlocked by beating the Womb with Mario. Isaac wears a white mario hat. (Sorry for wrong format but it won't let me use the other one.)

Notice: Please add all item ideas in the table above by adding a row.

Super ball

{C Gives your tears bouncing abbilitty.Your shots may bounce 1 wall for every range point.minimum range would be 3. does only bounce of enemies if you have more than 5 range points.

{C Found in Item Rooms.

By mm1379

{C Not an unlockable

| style="text-align:center;"| isaac`s tears would be rainbow colored. |- sab="1267" | style="text-align:center;"|






A John familiar will follow you. Looks like a peach Sister Maggy. Has Tough Love tears.

Item room, Golden Chests, dropped by bosses.

By ThisHomestuckMakesNoSense

Beat the Cathedral as Nicodemus


John Tough Love...


Based off John from the Bible.

Item Effect Info Visual
Zalgo's Soul When Picked Up, Isaac'Gets Color Black With 2'

Big Horns, Looses His Eyes,

Get's 7 mouths and a Purple

Light in his body

Isaac Tears Get Black with a Blue Fire, The Damage gets in the maximun and The range increases x2 and

It puts the Fear effects in the enemy and drains slowly the Health by 5 seconds

It can be Found in the Dark Room,

The Sheol II, The Dream Realm and

Chaos World

By ShadowMarco

It is Unlocking Beating The

Chaos With All The Characters

(The GhosT and The Burn Get unlocked To)

Zalgo's soul
The End of Luck Is only found when the Lost has curse of the blind, Permanently makes enemies go twice as fast and shoot tears twice as often. Unlocked by unlocking three items as the lost.

Recently Deleted ItemsEdit

This is basically a graveyard to where rejected items go. If an item has an unappealing effect or an effect that's already in the game, it will be put here.


Hot Pepper - A passive version of Scath. Not really that useful if you think about it.

Phsyco Shroom - Item was already done; see "Science!"

Death's Mantle - Almost exactly like Poison Touch except it kills enemies on touch. Although it seems like it could work it might confuse people with The Virus.

Necklace - What I'm getting from your explination is that it's like Ipecac but with normal tears? Seems wacky but I think it just won't work. Either that, or I'm missing something about the Necklace. I'd appreciate if someone could tell me what the Necklace does exactly. :P

Death's Sytche - Almost exactly like Mom's Knife, but acts as a room cleaner, what with the ability to break rocks and such.

Blessing of the Apocalypse - Basically Skatole.

Item DiscussionEdit

Here is where you can discuss items that you favor or don't want deleted. I won't always respond to your discussions right off the bat, but I will get to them eventually!

Blessing of Lady Iris

Personally, it's kinda over powered that EVERY enemy drops a drop. But then... Champions drop 3 drops?!? Maybe just make the effect less... insane? Maybe change it so there is a 10%-25% chance instead?

V.I.P. ItemsEdit

The V.I.P. section is a new section in where Items that I think would go really good in the game go. If the item is well balanced, or really appealing, it goes here.