This list features fictional Trinkets thought up by fans from the game. Note that they are not part of the actual game.

Name & Image



Devil Skull

Gives you a familiar that looks like Demon Baby and floats slowly around the room, shooting slowing blood tears.

If you have another familiar, one or two of them will follow the familiar instead of you.

In Devil room you have chances to pick the item without receiving damage, unlocked by take all the items in one devil room 5 times in all playtroughs.

Soul Heart

Has a 5 to 10 chance of dropping one soul heart.

Unlocked by picking up 20 or more soul hearts in one playthrough (Book of Revelations does not count)

Strolling Troll

Troll bombs and super troll bombs act as blue flies as long as you have this trinket.

Second Chance

A one use trinket. Upon death, the current floor will reset. Isaac will respawn with half health and 1 item missing.

Golden Bomb

Upon using Bombs, Pennies or (rarely) Nickles could appear.


Prevents a curse of darkness from occuring. Reveals the map shortly whenever Isaac is damaged.
Soup Ladel Whenever Isaac is damaged, leaves beind a puddle of damaging urine similar to Lemon Mishap.

Leg Pocket

A pocket is stitched on Isaac's left leg. Allows a second card or pill to be held. Second card/pill is activated by Z.

Eagle Eye

Increases Isaac's range and shot speed.
Red House A red Monopoly house. If Greed, Keepers, or Hangers steal money from you, you regain some health.
Pocket Watch Provides a low chance for time to slow down (Hourglass) when Isaac is hit.
Max's Collar Causes enemies to slow down upon coming close to Isaac.
Gold Tooth Pimpin'! Only has a chance to appear if the player has "Tough Love." Has a chance to spawn a gold tooth instead of a normal one, which, if the gold tooth hits an enemy, 3-5 pennies appear.
Angel's Love Increases the chances of a Angel Room to spawn after every boss fight.
Devil's Love Increases the chances of a Devil Room to spawn after every boss fight.
Diary Page When player dies, he/she respawns in previous room with no items he/she had before. He/she has a very low chance to comeback. By BloodthirstyCZ
Broken Pen Isaac shoots ink tears, same as "lump of coal" item from Krampus. By BloodthirstyCZ

Punctured Soccer Ball

Your knockback to the enemy when you hit it is stronger than normal, you can keep them off your body easily. By BloodthirstyCZ
The White Cross Gives a greater chance of visiting the Angel Room. (50-50)
Water Proof Boots

Creep does not hurt you and makes you walk faster when on creep.

Beloved Donator Makes Blood Banks payout with Blood Bag or IV Bag quicker and have a higher chance of paying out with nickles and dimes. Unlocked by getting the IV Bag and Blood Bank both in the same run. (The trinket is found by bombing blood banks or in Top secret rooms)

The Lamb's Skull

Allows acess to the Last Floor. Unlocked by collecting the Curved Horn and Cursed Skull (not in order) with Mom's Purse in one playthrough.
Satan's Toe Makes Devil Rooms and devil items more frequent to appear. Holy items and God rooms are nearly impossible to find. Unlocked by beating Satan with the Polaroid in hand.
God's Tongue Makes God Rooms and Holy items more frequent to appear. Devil Rooms and devil items are nearly impossible to find. Unlocked by beating Issac with Satan's Toe in hand.
Sneakers Doubles movement speed (exceeds the limit). Spikes deal double the damage to Isaac

The Forbidden Coin

Makes all shops and devil rooms completely free of charge and all beggars give items after 1 coin. Unlocked by skipping all treasure rooms and beating ???.
Trollface T-Shirt No damage can be taked from troll bombs and mega troll bombs, but troll bombs will spawn much commonly than regular bombs.
Mossy Pebble Looks like a mossy pebble. Gives a low chance for regular rocks to drop money, bombs, keys, hearts, and spirit hearts when exploded.

Shiny Pebble

Looks like a shiny pebble. Increases chances of tinted rocks replacing regular rocks and makes it so that tinted rocks can drop up to a maximum of 3 primary items instead of 2.
Sewer Grate Looks like a sewer grate leaking green fluid. Gives a low chance to ignore damage when hit.
Florian Himsl Rarely dropped by Ultra Pride (when unlocked) Spawns a familiar that looks exactly like ultra pride's familiar, familiar shoots similar to demon baby but with increased range and less tear speed, high damage Unlocked by defeating "The Chest" With Edmund McMillen.

Sava's Hand

Gives 2 soul hearts every time the player beats a floor.
Arena Pass As long as you have this trinket, both arenas will always be open for you.
Abbadon's Armour

Reduces damage by half. If this means that the damage is usually half heart, it will take two half heart attacks to knock down the half heart. Extremely rare drop from the Horsemen, and is never found in the Fortune Telling Machine.

Unlocked by beating the Chest with Abbadon. Good luck, because Talon of the Sun doesn't have enough range to avoid those tears from ???!

Abbadon's Cloak Constantly generates Locusts during combat. Locusts are much like Blue Flies, but are more damaging and are restricted to the ground layer. Unlocked by beating Purgatory with Abbadon.
Freckles of Tobias Increases the chance of enemies being special.
A Strange Key When Isaac reaches half a heart, he recieves a golden key and two soul hearts. Also increases the chance of finding golden chests (also increases the quality of their drops) and normal keys.
The Dance of Illusions When damaged, Isaac is surrounded by illusions that wander about, shooting fake tears, that the enemies go toward. Sometimes the foes go for Isaac as well. If an enemy damages an illusion, it disappears. The effect lasts for the current room, but can be used again.

Lamb's Eye

Makes Wrath of the Lamb items appear more. Unlocked by beating "Tons of Cool Stuff" Challenge

Elizabeth's Mask

When damaged, Isaac gains a mask that shoots tears similer to the Sacred Heart for the current room. Unlocked by killing the Mask of Infamy under 2 mintues.
Starman Whenever he enters a room, Isaac has a 33% chance of invincibility for 5 seconds. Unlocked by beating The Cathedral with Mario
Mario's Hat When you enter a new floor, has a small chance of activating The Wafer for that floor. Unlocked by beating The Chest with Mario.
Ice Cubes

On contact, there is a 50% chance that the enemy will be frozen for 8 seconds. The character will still take damage. Bosses that are frozen start moving again after only 4 seconds.

Unlocked by using a freezing and slowness effect item 200 times.

By: dragonspiral123

Chattur'gha's Claw

Raises player's Damage by 1 for every Heart that the player loses. Ignores Soul Hearts and Eternal Hearts. Effect resets when entering a new room.

By Ryushusupercat

Unlocked by defeating Isaac as Alexandra Roivas.
Ulyaoth's Veil

Raises player's Tears by 1 for every Heart that the player loses. Ignores Soul Hearts and Eternal Hearts. Effect resets when entering a new room.

By Ryushusupercat

Unlocked by defeating Satan as Alexandra Roivas.
Xel'lotath's Sigil

Raises player's Range by 1 for every Heart that the player loses. Ignores Soul Hearts and Eternal Hearts. Effect resets when entering a new room.

By Ryushusupercat

Unlocked by defeating ??? as Alexandra Roivas.
Skyward Horseman If one of the Harbingers would appear as boss, he will be replaced by an Archangel.
Angel Phone Angel rooms are replacing Devil rooms and have a higher chance to appear.
DB730's Cap

Raises the chance of spawning keys in the room by 10%

Unlocked by defeating ???/Blue Baby with DB730
Bad Digestion

25% chance to spawn poop, activate bad gas, and spawn 2 blue flies when hit

Lead Boots

Don't take damage on spikes, but lowers speed

by(I actually don't have an account yet)

The Mask

Haves a 10% Chance of Being Invisible from Enemies,Increases the Chance when using the Bible Multiple Times or having the Holy Grail Item

By TheDarkSheep

The Commander

The Commander

Commander Video follows you as a familiar, shooting rainbows similar to blood beams.

Also greatly increases chances (50%) of getting an alternative boss (Steven, Gish etc)

By TheSamster64

The rainbows get wider the further away they go, like a cone.

Video's fire rate is very low but the damage is quite high.

Unlocked by first collecting all trinkets at least once.

Gamekid Cartridge
Tetris Trinket Finshed BoI
5% chance to activate the effect of " The Gamekid" each time you are hit. If you have "The Gamekid" Active NOT from this effect, heal a full heart per 2 enemies, and increase the duration by 5 seconds.

Enemies will still run away in the extra 5 seconds.

Unlocked by using "The Gamekid" 20 times.

By Lazerguy555

Stick of Dynamite Adds a 50% chance to cause an explosion where the player is standing when taking damage, severely damaging enemies who are too close. No additional damage is taken from the explosion.

By ZangiefB

Not an Unlockable.

Isaac Adds a 50% chance of triggering the effect of Tammy's Head upon taking damage.

By ZangiefB

Unlocked by defeating The Lamb with Isaac.

Cain Increases chance of finding money, a random coin spawns around the player when taking damage, and increases the chance of finding money-related items and Lucky Foot.

By ZangiefB

Unlocked by defeating The Lamb with Cain.

Magdalene Drastically increases chance of finding health, has a 3% chance to trigger the effect of the Yum Heart after completing a room, and increases the chance of finding health up items.

By ZangiefB

Unlocked by defeating The Lamb with Magdalene.

Judas Adds a 50% chance of triggering the effect of the Book of Belial upon taking damage and increases chances of finding unholy items.

By ZangiefB

Unlocked by defeating The Lamb with Judas.

Samson Adds a 20% chance to absorb enemy health upon dealing damage and increases the chance of finding attack-raising items.

By ZangiefB

Unlocked by defeating The Lamb with Samson.

Eve Adds a 50% chance to trigger Eve's Dead Bird's effect upon taking a hit (always if damage taken reduces you to 1 or 1/2 heart) and increases the chance of finding pickups.

By ZangiefB

Unlocked by Defeating The Lamb with Eve.

??? Drastically increases the chance of finding soul hearts and has a 30% chance to spawn the ???'s Soul's familiar when taking damage.

By ZangiefB

Unlocked by Defeating The Lamb with ???.

Soul Penny 30% Chance for a soul heart to spawn apon picking up a coin.

By KirbyCZ

Unlocked by collecting 15 soul hearts in one playthrough.

Death note If you are battling a boss that has a real name (like Steven, Isaac, Chub, etc.) AND reveals it's real face (Chub, Isaac, pin, etc.) will die instantly after 40 seconds (Meaning that enemies with an alias or that don't show it's face will not be affected by this trinket, for example, Mask of Infamy).

By benyabkn

Lil' Gemini

Spawns a Gemini like familiar on the player's head (Similar to what does Stem cells).Shots constantly to enemies.When you are damaged, there is a small chance of dropping off your head and to start chasing enemies.

By benyabkn
Blinded armor Enemies projectiles and themselves do half damage, but explosives will do normal damage (1 heart). By benyabkn
incontinence Gives you a small chance of leaving yellow creep when walking By benyabkn
Cursed cross When you get hit, there is a small chance of damaging all the enemies in the room (like Necronomicon or The Sun tarot card). Everytime this happens, you get increased chances to get a deal with the devil (by 2%)

By benyabkn

Cursed Heart


Instead of Soul Hearts being used first, your normal hearts are used until you get to half a heart.

By Blanzer

Shining Charm Reverses the "special" item generation (If you don't know what this is, just google it): Non-special items are now rarer the more you get. Unlocked by wasting a D6/D20 charge on Mom's Heart, Satan, Isaac, or ???. (This is kind of a joke unlock method)
Mom's Eyelashes Activates one of the following items' effects upon entering a room: Mom's eye, Mom's contacts, Mom's bra (Used immediately), Mom's pad (Used immediately), or the tarot card "The High Priestest" (Used immediately). Unlocked by collecting Mom's eye and Mom's contacts in the same run.
Broken Tweezers 1/5 chance when taking damage to use a homing tammy's head effect. Can be picked up to replace the tick (If you have it)
Broken Heart You take half damage from enemies but only half hearts can be found. Die to a blood bank.