Ultra Wrath Edit

By ZangiefB

The Seven Deadly Ultra Sins are even farther evolved versions of the seven deadly sins. They are very rare and powerful. They even get their own music.


Ultra Wrath.

Ultra Wrath is a miniboss sometimes replacing Wrath.


  • Spawns a Super Troll Bomb, much like Super Wrath.
  • Uses Mr. Boom against the player. (He has unlimited use of this)
  • Fires 5 bombs similar to the ones fired by Mom's Heart.

On death, he will drop one of the following bomb-related pickups:

  • 2 -5 random bomb pickups
  • Mr. Boom
  • Mr. Mega
  • Bobby-Bomb
  • Boom!
  • Bob's Curse
  • Pyro (Very rare)

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